Yagazie Emezi

Yagazie Emezi is an outstanding young Nigerian photographer who with her gift for honest storytelling is throwing a compellingly fresh and glorious spotlight onto the culture that surrounds her in contemporary Africa. Her captivating images document an unfiltered everyday reality that is pierced with compassion & laced with unabashed glamour - no topic is off limits as she explores tough issues with a majestic pure truth. The sensitive confessional intimacy in which she approaches her subjects draws out astonishing raw stories that not only highlight personal journeys and injustices but provide a platform to share with the world the strength & hope of the individuals behind the narrative. Although her tone is open and earnest she retains a warm playfulness that delights in the fusion of vivid high fashion with unedited realism to create images that are alive with joyous spirit and natural candid beauty. Her originality at capturing modern African society so vibrantly and authentically on camera is inspiring a huge international following on her social media channels, as well as plaudits & coverage from the worlds media.

Yagazie has been commissioned by: Al-Jazeera, New York Times, Vogue, Newsweek, Inc. Magazine, TIME, The Guardian, Refinery29, Everyday Projects, The Weather Channel and New York Times Magazine.